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Training drills with the Billiard Aim Trainer II
by Paul R. Turner, Billiard Aim Trainer II inventor   
Tuesday, 6 April 2010
As you already know, the Billiard Aim Trainer II is the premier tool on learning the all-important cutting angles. These drills will help you deeply learn them.
The standard cut angles are:
  • Place one object ball on the foot spot as shown (fig. 12 & fig. 13).
  • For a ½ ball cut from the spot, place the cue ball in line with the object ball and the corner pocket as shown by the cue stick in this picture. You can also place the cue ball two diamonds up from the end rail and one diamond in (less the width of one cue ball) as shown in (fig. 13).
  • For a ¼ ball cut, place the cue ball two diamonds up and two diamonds inside from the end rail (fig. 13).
  • For a ¾ ball cut, align your cue with the object ball and the point on the rail marking the 4th diamond. Anywhere along this line is a ¾ ball cut. You can also place the cue ball a distance of 3½ ball widths from the side pocket. A classic 1/8 cut is to place an object ball (orange), one diamond down and one diamond inside the top rail, and the cue ball three diamonds down and half a diamond inside the left rail. Again, you can use your cue to align this cut by placing it over the object ball and the point on the rail marking the 4th diamond. Any point along that line is a 1/8 ball cut (fig. 13).
  • For each cue ball position, take the Billiard Aim Trainer II and align it with the object ball paying special attention to the cut angle and its corresponding colored arrow.
  • You should also note the corresponding degree of each standard cut using the "Billiard Aim Trainer II Degree Window™"
  • When you return to your cue ball and line up for the shot, you will also see that the arc lines on the "Billiard Aim Trainer II Window™" corresponds with the contact point and ball fraction shown on the Billiard Aim Trainer II.
  • After practicing each of these fundamental cut shots repetitively, you will begin to see variations of the same shots in a real game, amounting to a huge advantage over your opponent!
Once you practice the above standard cut angles, it is easy to create your own individual training drills. For example, set an object ball up for a cut shot that you consistently have trouble with during a game. Now, using the Billiard Aim Trainer II, discover what the actual cut angle is. There is no more guessing now that you have the Billiard Aim Trainer II.
You might also like to create variations on the standard cut angles and amaze yourself with how these common shots crop up repeatedly in a game. For example, place an object ball anywhere on the table. Carefully place the Billiard Aim Trainer II beside the object ball making sure the red center line is aligned with the center of the object ball and a pocket. Now rotate the Billiard Aim Trainer II until you have the desired contact point of ¼, ½ or ¾. Now, using the "Billiard Aim Trainer II Arrow™" as your guide, place the cue ball on that line at various distances to familiarize yourself with that particular cut angle. With regular practice, your eyes will become trained to see these standard cut angles (14°, 30°, 49° and 61°) and also recognize if the shot is slightly more or less of these reference points.

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