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Tuesday, 6 April 2010
Thousands of people having improved their skills with the Billiard Aim Trainer II over the years, and we've received hundreds and hundreds of accoldades.
Here is a selection of these accolades from world champions to coaches and trainers to humble beginners:


  • "[The Billiard Aim Trainer II] is in fact the realist thing you will ever find to learn how to AIM. This is so real that if you try if for a good month your game will change.

    After using it for a year, without using any other method, now I can play 1000% percent better.

    Thanks for letting me know the geometric facts of Pool."
  • Mike Alexander
  • "After using this for 2 weeks I went from a skill level 5 to a 7 and I haven't lost a match yet!! I beat an 8 in 9-ball as a 6, 17-3. Well worth it. Thank you!!!"
  • Emilio Molina
  • "I love the product and highly recommend it to any player."
  • Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman - Trick shot artist and entertainer
    Cloverdale, IN, USA [site]
  • "I was given the Billiard Aim Trainer II to check out at the APA Teams Championship. That night we had guests over. These people could hardly hold a cue. I thought, why not test this thing on these people.

    I opened the package, quickly read the manual and showed my friends. To my amazement these people started pocketing balls all over the place. The Billiard Aim Trainer II really works. I ordered them for my store immediately."
  • Frank - Frank's Center Inc
    Nevada, MO, USA [site]
  • "I worked with the product and I have to tell you, that the Billiard Aim Trainer II is one of the best things I ever used to drill players (especially beginners). For the first time it is easily possible to show the ghost-ball in a convenient way and to show clearly the further reactions of the white. As the national head coach of Germany and manager of a Billiards Academy, I should be able to judge these things in a proper way."
  • Andreas Huber - National head coach German Billiard Union
    Germany [site]
  • "I think it's a very helpful product for beginners."
  • Oliver "The Machine" Ortmann - World champion
    Hamburg, Germany
  • "Just wanted to share with you both my Top Gun award in 8 ball. I have to give all the credit to your weekend academy, personal coaching and most of all, to the amazing Billiard Aim Trainer II system....I have had several pool parties at my house and my team loves the Billiard Aim Trainer II System. Now my secret is out! Ha hahahahahah!!!"
  • Patrick Soucy
    Allison Fisher's student
  • "I've been working with the Billiard Aim Trainer II and have found that it has really helped me to "see" the angle much better."
  • Rick
    Allison Fisher's student
  • "I bought the BAT mainly for my wife who was having problems lining up shots. She tried it and it seemed to help her see things more clearly.

    While there are an infinite number of cut angles, it does help a great deal to get it narrowed down, especially for a novice player. It helped me with a couple of shots I was having some trouble with (object ball on head spot with cue ball in center of the table.) Now I make it with confidence."
  • Stephen
    AZ Billiard Forum
  • "It is a lovely little tool made beautifully and is easy to understand. Using the Billiard Aim Trainer II is improving my game and understanding of cut angles. I am VERY pleased with the Billiard Aim Trainer II."
  • Peter Smith
  • "This product is ingenious. It really helped me. Before, I was always struggling to work out what was happening when I cut a ball. I had tried the ghost ball system, but it seemed very unscientific.

    The Billiard Aim Trainer II actually shows you the angle and teaches you to recognize the same angles as you play. I used to be a 5 in APA and within a few months of using this product I actually reached level 7. I am so more consistent in pocketing balls."
  • Brian
  • "I gave the product to a few pool teachers and they were all positively impressed."
  • Thorsten Hohmann - World champion
    Fulda, Germany [site]
  • "I missed two shots and then tried the Billiard Aim Trainer II. First shot, BOOM!! in the bottom corner pocket! Awesome Dude!"
  • Graham Matthew Scott
    St Thomas, Canada
  • "Wow, finally an aiming system I can use to teach my students this fine art.
    Aiming is the most important part of the game and now with the Billiard Aim Trainer II training device we can truly experience muscle memory. Use this for thirty days and you will see a dramatic improvement in your game. At The Monk Training Center in New Zealand I use this to begin every workshop. My students order one so they have the ability to master aiming. I totally recommend this product."
  • Tim "The Monk" Miller - Renown trainer
    Mount Airy, NC, USA [site]
  • "I just started using my Billiard Aim Trainer II today and LOVE it!!
    I was having such a hard time understanding the cut angles and I believe this is really going ot help me. I play almost everyday at a local billiards bar and if anyone asks me about my Billiard Aim Trainer II I would love to tell them all about it!"
  • Wendy Bartlett
    North Port, FL, USA

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