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Billiard Aim Trainer II's FAQs
by Paul R. Turner, Billiard Aim Trainer II inventor  
Tuesday, 9 April 2010
You'll find these FAQ's helpful...


Q) What does the Billiard Aim Trainer II teach me?

The Billiard Aim Trainer II shows you the path of the cue ball needed to pocket the ball.




It's ingenious design teaches the player to visualize the required cut. See how below...

Q) Sounds good: How does it actually work?

Look at the picture to the right that represents a half-ball cut.


If you were playing billiards and you wanted to pocket this ball, just hit your cue ball straight down the red line and you'll pocket the ball!


You will also be able to see the contact point between the cue ball and the object ball very, very clearly -- now that's useful.


Yes, it's that easy because the Billiard Aim Trainer II is that brilliant and effective!


With practice, you'll soon instinctively recognise these cuts -- just like this half-ball -- and effortlessly pocket balls.


Watch this video to see the Billiard Aim Trainer II in action.

Q) What is basis of the Billiard Aim Trainer II?

The difficulty in pocketing balls is that you physically cannot see through adn behind the cue ball.


For that reason, the Billiard Aim Trainer II provides a transparent cue ball, so now, for the first time, you can clearly see behind the cue ball and how it connects and interacts with the object ball.


Now that you can see clearly, it's very easy to improve your game play. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Q) What aiming system does the Billiard Aim Trainer II use?

The idea of the Billiard Aim Trainer II came about when I started to think of a way to see through the cue ball and introduce the popular 3-cut aiming method. I had never heard of the "ghost ball" technique until I came to the US.


The beautiful thing about the Billiard Aim Trainer II is that it shows the relationship between the actual contact point and how much of the ball is being cut. You can actually get a visual reference of what is happening behind the cue ball.


Although the Billiard Aim Trainer II can show you how to pocket all kinds of cut shots, there is special emphasis on the 3 main cuts (¼, ½, and ¾ or the 49, 30 and 14 degree angles). If a player can familiarize themselves with these three cuts (angles), all others cut shots are really only slight variations. So in effect it simplifies aiming.


When the Billiard Aim Trainer II was being demonstrated it in Vegas, level 2 (APA) players were recognising and pocketing half-ball cuts and ¼-ball cuts all over the table.


The Billiard Aim Trainer II helps anyone to start recognizing these common cut angles as they appear in different parts of the table.

Q) Does Allison Fisher use the Billiard Aim Trainer II
     in her training?

Yes indeed, and Allison was even involved in the development of the Billiard Aim Trainer II from the very beginning.


Like many other trainers around the world, she has incorporated the Billiard Aim Trainer II's 3-cut aiming system into her own training academy.

Q) Do you guarantee my game play will improve?

Totally! Your game play will improve beyond your expectations with only a few days of practice.


However, as with all activities, the more you practice the better you'll become.


If your game hasn't improved, just return your Billiard Aim Trainer II to us, and we'll return the purchase price. [Only for purchases made directly from this website].

Q) How will the Billiard Aim Trainer II teach me angles?

After using the Billiard Aim Trainer II you will recognize that the same cut-angles are needed time and time again.


In particular, you'll be astonished how often a half ball cut appears. What you thought was a different shot, and maybe even a tough shot will suddenly occur to you to be the exact same shot you just did.


The system the Billiard Aim Trainer II uses is based on geometry. It is a science. Having said that, you will always have to take into consideration the effects of throw and deflection, just like you would on any aiming system. But the 3-cut system the Billiard Aim Trainer II uses is the best base to start from. It is more consistent.


The essence of the 3-cut system is to shoot straight and not worry about the contact point, because the reality is that you do not see the actual point of contact when the balls collide. Because you have two spherical object colliding, the contact point will always be different from the direction the cue ball is going. The 3-cut system, therefore teaches us to focus on shooting straight and to commit to memory these 3 cuts (¼, ½, and ¾). As you get better, you can also commit the 1/8 ball cut to memory. Once you know them, every shot you come upon in your game will be exactly one of these shots or a slight variation thereof. At this point, you can give more attention to position play and start really running racks.

Q) Can the Billiard Aim Trainer II help with banking?



As much as you understand how cutting a ball on a particular angle will result in the correct angle of return towards your desired bank pocket.

Q) Can the Billiard Aim Trainer II help with kicking?

Yes, again.


By placing the Billiard Aim Trainer II along the rail/cushion you can actually see at what angle the cue ball will leave the rail/cushion by pointing the Billiard Aim Trainer II Arrow to each degree point representing the 3 cuts (14, 30, and 49).


Tip: Each ¼ increment actually corresponds to one tip of an English cue. One tip of an English cue = 14 degree angle out or one diamond. Two tips = 30 degrees or 2 diamonds! (Discovered by Stan Shuffet)

Q) What do you mean by a blind cut shot?

A blind cut shot are those shots where the pocket you are aiming for is outside your field of vision when you are down on the shot. In other words, for a right handed player it would be extreme cut shots to the right of your body. Blind cut shot are the most challenging when they are at a long distance and are more than a half ball cut (30 degree angle). For the lefty it would be the same only to the left side of their body. These shots are the hardest to judge no matter how good you are. But after using the Billiard Aim Trainer II, even these shots will be much easier, because you will start to recognize the angle from the standing position and will know if it is a ¼, ½ or ¾ cut shot or a slight variation thereof.

Q) Why does the Billiard Aim Trainer II emphasize only 3 types of cut shots?

This is not entirely true.


Although the Billiard Aim Trainer II does highlight the three main cut shots: ¼, ½, ¾, it will show variations of these cut shots because the player can see if the object ball is being cut more or less of these three standard cut shots. This is done by seeing the object through the Billiard Aim Trainer II Window and also noting the degree and the contact point on the Billiard Aim Trainer II Protractor. Once you are familiar with what constitutes a half ball cut, namely, a 30 degree angle and aiming directly at the edge of the object ball, then when you come across a shot that is slightly more or less of 30 degrees, you will know to aim slightly inside or outside of the edge of that ball. By making these three cut shots your reference points, it becomes easy to adjust accordingly when needed.

Q) I am already a good player: Do I need the Billiard Aim Trainer II?

The Billiard Aim Trainer II [aka the BAT II] is benificial for all players.


However it is obviously more beneficial to amateur players that have trouble being consistent in pocketing balls. Regardless of your skill level there will always be times when you struggle with a particular cut shot. Although the Billiard Aim Trainer II will definitely help the beginner and the intermediate players, it would be wrong to say that it cannot help the advanced player. One example of this would be blind cut shots. They are the most difficult to judge with the eye, even for an advanced player. I saw this practically when I showed Ralph Souquet and Mika Immonen the Billiard Aim Trainer II prototype. The first thing they did was set the Billiard Aim Trainer II up for a "blind" cut shot. So even a pro can benefit from using the Billiard Aim Trainer II.


Because we are human and it is natural to make mistakes, our perception is not always reality and some days our mind is foggy and we struggle with simplest of shots. The Billiard Aim Trainer II on the other hand never lies. It is based on geometry and can always be reliable to give you quick and accurate feedback when needed and clear up any confusion we may have about a particular shot.

Q) Isn't the Billiard Aim Trainer II just another "Ghost ball" aiming tool?

Not at all. The Billiard Aim Trainer II uses the 3-cut system taught in snooker. It does not recommend or teach players to use the speculative "ghost ball" system. The Billiard Aim Trainer II enables a player to see right through the cue ball and illuminates the whole aiming experience by showing how much of the ball is being cut; the actual degree of the angle, the actual contact point, the actual path the cue ball needs to take and the tangent line after contact. No other aiming tool on the market gives this much information.


Billiard Aim Trainer II videos:

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