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Billiard Aim Trainer II for 2¼" pool balls

The legendary BAT II pack:

  • 1 BAT II
  • 1 BAT II protective case
  • 1 74 page manual [ebook]
  • 1 instruction booklet
  • 1 key chain
  • Ships next business day
  • Arrives 4-7 days*
  • Quantity and pricing

  • Only US$ 64.95
  • Includes world shipping
  • Quantity
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    *Shipping estimate in days for most areas. However some areas far away from distribution hubs can expect delays. Please ask us first to confirm shipping time in days.

    Billiard Master Weapon videos:

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    BCA Training Seal

    Officially rated and awarded the training seal of approval by the world's experts at The Billiard Congress of America on 11th Nov, 2010.

    That's independent proof that the Billiard Master Weapon really does improve your game.

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    Billiard Aim Trainer II for snooker...
    ..September, 2018
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