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Learn the aiming system the pros use
by Paul R. Turner, Billiard Aim Trainer II inventor  
Tuesday, 5 April 2010

The Billiard Aim Trainer II is the world's best tool that shows you how to aim and pocket billiard balls.


It teaches you the geometry of the cutting-angles, using the 3-cut aiming system, needed to pocket the ball. Yes, it's very scientific, and yet it's very easy to use.

After using the Billiard Aim Trainer II for a short time, you'll be able to visualize the cut-angles needed. Click here for how it works...

World champions, trainers, and professionals agree that the Billiard Aim Trainer II really works and check out our videos and tutorials in our learn section to fully understand how the Billiard Aim Trainer II can help you.

Make sure you're buying the latest and best version, the Billiard Aim Trainer II, by seeing the improvements.

6 things the Billiard Aim Trainer II shows you:

  • The cut: ½ ball, ¼ ball...
  • The path of the cue ball needed to pocket the colored ball
  • The degree angles
  • The path of the object [color] ball after contact
  • The path of the cue ball after contact
  • The contact point between the two balls

Yes, the Billiard Aim Trainer II teaches all of these, so how could you improve your game without knowing all of them?

Who does the Billiard Aim Trainer II help the most?

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate and advanced players that have reached a plateau in their game.
    You don't seem to be improving any more?
    The Billiard Aim Trainer II will help you reach the highest level of play.

A short introduction the the Billiard Aim Trainer II

All professional players know, the secret to pocketing and winning is the 3-cut method. My Billiard Aim Trainer II is the only and best product in the world that can help the player visualize the cuts they need to make to accurately pocket the ball.

What that means is: you'll win more games.

Of course I'd say that, I invented it and spent many years developing the Billiard Aim Trainer II to perfection.

Don't take my word for it though, here are a few of the many comments I've received from very happy and satisfied Billiard Aim Trainer II users, enthusiasts and supporters:

  • "I gave the product to a few pool teachers and they were all positively impressed."
  • Thorsten Hohmann - World champion
    Fulda, Germany [site]
  • "I missed two shots and then tried the Billiard Aim Trainer II. First shot, BOOM!! in the bottom corner pocket! Awesome Dude!"
  • Graham Matthew Scott
    St Thomas, Canada
  • "Wow, finally an aiming system I can use to teach my students this fine art.
    Aiming is the most important part of the game and now with the Billiard Aim Trainer II training device we can truly experience muscle memory. Use this for thirty days and you will see a dramatic improvement in your game. At The Monk Training Center in New Zealand I use this to begin every workshop. My students order one so they have the ability to master aiming. I totally recommend this product."
  • Tim "The Monk" Miller - Renown trainer
    Mount Airy, NC, USA [site]
  • "I just started using my Billiard Aim Trainer II today and LOVE it!!
    I was having such a hard time understanding the cut angles and I believe this is really going to help me. I play almost everyday at a local billiards bar and if anyone asks me about my Billiard Aim Trainer II, I would love to tell them all about it!"
  • Wendy Bartlett
    North Port, FL, USA
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Officially rated and awarded the training seal of approval by the world's experts at The Billiard Congress of America on 11th Nov, 2010.

That's independent proof that the Billiard Aim Trainer II really does improve your game.

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